To be employed in Polynesia

.. any person without the french nationality (including EUROPEAN COMMUNITY CITIZENS ..) who wants to work in French Polynesia should ABSOLUTELY get a work permit prior ..



Dear european workers:


First of all thank you for interest in French Polynesia and welcome to our european office in "fenua".

Then, from here and now, we send you a big "ComeOn" to all you dreaming to live in our country.

Although it may seem a challenge, to come here to live and work is not as difficult or as impossible as you could have thought initially.

As I advance in my remarks to the candidates to come and live in Polynesia, from 2009 we have seen a big change in the people who enter into contact with us through our websites and Internet blog.

In fact nowadays we observed that a large portion of you have ceased to interest in visiting Polynesia and what really you begin to turn is the fact to establish you in our countrie.



We know that unfortunately a lot of you don´t dispose of that capital necessary to install you here as a retired and what you wonder is if you could work in Polynesia.

And I answer you: YES, but being european non-french is really complicated.

Let me explain you:

In Tahiti we are treating shocked into a new era of development and infrastructure construction that will create a safe large direct and indirect jobs in the future.

The clearest example is the future Taaone hospital recently opened being the fourth largest hospital in France.

For example here you have the range of jobs with opportunities in French Polynesia is rather broad: nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, hairdressing, accounting, automotive mechanics, mechanics, sanity, boat, personal care, tourism, trade, secretarial, insurance, laboratory personnel, construction, carpenters, welders, ..



The problem however is that the polynesian government is aware of the low professional quality of many polynesians and he is using a law clearly "discriminatory" (to the citizens of the EU) to protect them:



ORGANIC LAW N ° 2004-192 du 02/27/2005


The chief of the protection cells of the polynesian labour office explains us in this excerpt from an email sent to our office as this law works:

"En réponse à votre mail, toute personne n'ayant pas la nationalité française (y compris les membres de l'Union Européenne et toute personne de nationalité étrangère mariée à un(e) français(e)) qui désire exercer une activité salariée en Polynésie française doit impérativement obtenir : - Une autorisation de travail délivrée par le Ministre en charge de l'Emploi de la Polynésie française. La loi organique n°2004-192 du 27/02/05 portant statut d'autonomie de la Polynésie française a donné compétence au Gouvernement de la Polynésie française en matière de travail. La demande d'autorisation de travail, dont le délai moyen d'instruction est de deux mois, doit être déposée obligatoirement par un employeur qui s'engagerait à vous embaucher dès que cette autorisation est accordée. En outre, l'autorisation de travail a une durée maximale d'un an, renouvelable. Pour accorder ou refuser l'autorisation de travail sollicitée, il est pris en considération les éléments suivants : 1° La situation de l'emploi présente ou prévisible à court terme, dans la profession qu'occupera le travailleur étranger, 2° Les conditions de régularité de l'employeur vis-à-vis de la réglementation relative au travail et à la protection sociale, 3° Les conditions d'emploi et de rémunération offertes au travailleur étranger, qui doivent êtres identiques à celles dont bénéficient les travailleurs en Polynésie française. Vous trouverez une note explicative sur une demande d'autorisation de travail et les formulaires à joindre au dossier sur le site.


Its translation is:

"In response to your email I inform you that any person without the French Nationality (including the CITIZENS OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY or any foreigner married to a French) who wants to pursue an activity as employe in French Polynesia should ABSOLUTELY get a work permit issued by the Acting Minister of Labour in French Polynesia.

The organic law 2004-192 of 02/27/2005 granting autonomous status to the French Polynesia government has jurisdiction in this area of labour. The application for a work permit for foreigners, whose average education period is two months, will must absolutely be submitted by an employer interested in hiring the alien. In the event that permission will be granted a period of one year renewable.

To approve or reject our protecting cells from the Labour Service takes into consideration the following elements:

1) The local employment situation of present or foreseeable in the short term in the profession will occupy the foreign worker.

2) The employer's legal situation with respect to labor regulations and social security.

3) The conditions of employment and remuneration offered to the foreign worker, which must be identical to those offered in the Polynesian market with local workers. "



Of course the text of the law also establishes a fine of up to three million francs (25.000eu) and up to 1 year in prison for the employer giving work for a european without having the authorization.

You might be wondering now is how can this be happening in an area associated with the EU in 2010 aren´t you?.

And it's not all, Europeans in Polynesia have had access to several litigations against this law and all them have been dismissed at first instance by the administrative court in Papeete. In our view were not quite in focus.


Moreover, our obligation is to warn you that the international fly ticket Europe-Polynesia nowadays never lowers EU 3000 and the day to day living here in the world's most expensive paradise of the world brush another EU 1000/1500 monthly in expenses.

So we strongly council you to do a pre-job search from your home country that enables you to prospect the real possibilities of your cv in our polynesian labor market and also to find a local willing to put his request for your work authorization:





- Translation of your curriculum vitae to tahitian and french and adaptation of it into the terminology and special forms of the polynesian labor market service.

- Validation of your candidature for one year into the several polynesian labour systems of supply and demand of employment.

- Advertisement of your application and cv for 3 months in the most loaded medias.

- Search for companies or organizations potentially interested in your application and CV by other means such as door to door, yellow pages, phone search ..

- Mediation of our office between you, the local labour service and the interested employers to successfully finish your contract and request for authorization from the Labour Service.


How to apply?

If you wish that our office realize a job search and mediation service for you in French Polynesia

please fill out this form:




I can assure you that this is the best way to explore your employment opportunities in our country without moving you away from home and without overtaking blind those EU thousand of an Europe-Papeete international flight and of staying here a few months looking for a job in situ.

All This, of course, in a fluid relationship of efficiency, experience and confidenciality.

Maururoa e Nana (thanks & see you soon)





TAPI, Maria Imelda

La Présidence